New Italian hotel adds BeyondTV GuestCast

BeyondTV GuestCast provides personalized in-room entertainment for guests. Photo credit: Aemilia Hotel (Aemilia Hotel )

The new 125-room Aemilia Hotel in Bologna, Italy, has implemented the BeyondTV GuestCast streaming solution for its guestrooms. Installed by LB Sistemi, one of the first LG Business Solutions vendors to receive BeyondTV dealer certification in the region, BeyondTV GuestCast provides personalized in-room entertainment for guests.   
By leveraging BeyondTV’s Certification Program—which provides Italian hotels with straightforward access to the company’s technology via LG Business Solutions—Aemilia Hotel can now offer instant compatibility with thousands of mobile-based streaming apps. Engineered specifically for the hospitality industry, BeyondTV GuestCast lets guests cast virtually any content of preference from personal devices onto guestroom TVs without ever requesting personal login information. The platform is also designed to be compatible with existing hotel television and Wi-Fi network hardware, eliminating the need for complex integrations or equipment replacement.

“In the current market environment, it is more important than ever for hotels to enhance their competitiveness by adopting technologies that can safely address guest expectations for personalized experiences,” said Luca Bibolini, general manager at Aemilia Hotel. “As a modern four-star hotel, we were committed to identifying the industry’s leading platform for personalized in-room entertainment, with BeyondTV GuestCast offering precisely the kind of flexible functionality, ease-of-use and enhanced security that today’s guests expect.”

In addition to sidestepping the need for guests to enter-in sensitive login information, BeyondTV GuestCast also utilizes advanced device isolation capabilities to prevent cross-room communication. This feature significantly prevents both the inadvertent and malicious casting of content to televisions located in other rooms, and serves as yet another vital layer of protecting guest privacy. BeyondTV GuesCast is also backed by 24/7 support services that can address any suddenly arising performance issues before they can negatively impact hotel stay experiences.