New software helps with bandwidth management

With networks around the world overloaded by bandwidth-hungry, internet-based applications, there is a strong need for greater throughput and greater capacity.

Nomadix Inc. updates version 8.10 of its Nomadix Service Engine software, featuring benefits such as link aggregation and enhanced support for IPv6. Version 8.10 is designed to keep networks state of the art to satisfy ever-changing demands in network management. The new version of NSE is compatible with Nomadix bandwidth management and access gateway models AG 2400, AG 2500, AG 5800 and AG 5900, which service internet connections for visitor-based networks.

It's no secret that the internet is running out of IPv4 addresses; this depletion is one of the reasons for the growth of its successor protocol, IPv6. While IPv4 still carries most internet traffic, and the rate of IPv6 adoption varies greatly by country, industry and service provider, more and more companies are readying to begin the transition process from IPv4 to IPv6. NSE version 8.10 provides enhanced support for IPv6 -- with the goal of achieving IPv6 certification by the end of 2018.

NSE version 8.10 also supports link aggregation via LACP (link aggregation control protocol). With networks around the world overloaded by bandwidth-hungry, internet-based applications, there is a strong need for greater throughput and greater capacity. Venues with larger networks are utilizing link aggregation, which combines multiple network links in parallel, to increase throughput beyond what a single link could sustain. Link aggregation also provides redundancy in the event that one of the links should fail.


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"We are always looking ahead to the trends that will soon affect networks on a global scale," said Nomadix President Fred Reeder. "Two of the biggest trends right now are IPv6 and LACP. With the latest release of our software, we are giving companies the tools they need to tackle those issues head-on."

In addition to enhanced IPv6 support and link aggregation, attributes of version 8.10 include:

  • Platform: DHCP enhancement now provides support for up to 500 DHCP pools (the previous limit was 200). This is important to supporting Personal Area Networks in larger sites.
  • Billing and monetization: a "suppress posting of zero payment amount" option has been added for Micros and Micros Fidelio PMS. When a zero amount is charged, the PMS query will still take place, but no post will be sent.
  • Authenticatio: PayPal support has replaced Authorize.Net credit card payments so that standard credit card authorization can be used in countries around the world.



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