New TripAdvisor tool encourages users to book direct

Sponsored placements appear on high-profile pages across TripAdvisor. Photo credit: TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor launched a new direct-booking feature within the existing TripAdvisor sponsored placements product, giving business owners premium exposure to more booking-ready travelers and helping them increase direct bookings for their properties.
This new direct-booking enhancement offers travelers a prominent link to book directly with the property. 

Sponsored placements, which first launched on TripAdvisor in 2017, appear on high-profile pages across TripAdvisor, including above search results and on nearby properties’ listings. These ads put a property in front of potential guests looking for places to stay when the property matches the guest’s search and has available rooms to book.

A recent study from Ipsos Mori, in partnership with TripAdvisor, showed that 71 percent of travelers decided to book after reading TripAdvisor reviews.
A separate survey of TripAdvisor users, undergone in September, revealed that nearly half of travelers (41 percent) prefer to book directly with the hotel if given the opportunity, showing the benefits of a direct relationship with the property.