New York City hotel installs Avante's hotel worker panic button solution

A major luxury hotel with more than 650 rooms in New York City will be installing Avante’s hotel worker panic button solution to safeguard hotel workers and protect hotel assets.

Maintaining hotel worker safety is a complex project which demands robust but flexible software and hardware to provide immediate, reliable as well as unobtrusive security.  To meet these challenges, Avante has developed the hotel worker panic button solution , a comprehensive RFID based system incorporating state of the art technology and user friendly software.  The hotel worker panic button solution is a sub-set of Avante’s personnel asset visibility system (PAVS).

At the heart of Avante’s hotel worker panic button solution are unobtrusive ID badges equipped with panic buttons.  With the push of a button, any badge wearer may call for help.  Additionally, accelerometers inside the badges sense sudden shock or fall and automatically send a distress signal.  The ID badges are read via monitors discreetly and non-destructively installed on hotel floors.  Unlike most hotel panic button solutions which are WiFi based and rely on signals easily blocked by physical impediments such as thick walls and require a monitor in every single room, Avante’s system is based on the more stable and reliable RFID technology which only requires one or two monitors per floor and has been developed and optimized over a period of 10 years.

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The software of Avante’s hotel worker panic button solution provides complete readability of badge wearers 24/7, 365 however maintains privacy and anonymity.  Windows based and easy to use, AVANTE’s hotel worker panic button solution  seamlessly integrates with legacy security systems.

In addition to enhancing safety, Avante’s hotel worker panic button solution  secures and streamlines daily but highly important hotel activities, such as guard tour monitoring, asset safeguarding, inventory maintenance, to name a few.

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