The New York Palace Hotel partners with ZDirect for email marketing

To improve guest communications and enhance service following its recent $140 million transformation, the New York Palace hotel underwent a thorough transformation. Property owner Northwood Investors Inc. turned to email service provider ZDirect. Equipped with a single platform for electronic communications, customer-relationship management and data intelligence, the hotel installed ZMail.

Using a dynamic content engine, PMS integration, and the practice of hospitality marketing automation, ZMail automatically sends intelligent and personalized confirmations, pre-arrival emails and post-departure emails with guest satisfaction surveys via email, mobile communication, SMS, social networks and more.

ZMail centralizes hotel data, creating the foundation for the hotel's marketing efforts. This gives The New York Palace a 360 degree view of guest booking data, stay preferences, and purchasing behavior. ZDirect then augments that with unstructured data, such as clickstream data, social media activity, and large public data sets. Using advanced analytics disciplines, such as predictive analysis and data mining, ZDirect crunches all the data and uncovers the hidden patterns and unknown correlations to help The New York Palace teams make sense of it all. This gives them a competitive advantage over Midtown Manhattan properties, more effective marketing, and ultimately increased revenue.