How Expedia’s next steps will help hoteliers


This article is part two of a two-part story on Expedia. Here is the first part.

In a deal at the end of 2015, Expedia took a minority stake in ALICE, a software-as-a-service provider created to enhance the hotel guest experience by providing hoteliers with workflow-management tools for operational improvements.

ALICE’s cloud-­based platform allows hoteliers to track and optimize the fulfillment of every single guest request across every department by seamlessly dispatching guest requests in real time to appropriate employees, tracking the progress of each request, and providing custom reporting so hoteliers can understand and optimize their operations.  
Additionally, ALICE’s guest app and SMS tools make the experience of requesting services much easier. From the moment guests book to the moment they check out, they can use their mobile devices to manage their in-­hotel experience, including ordering spa treatments, room service, late check-­outs, housekeeping and concierge services.
Finally, Anderson points a global sales force that can help a property land business it never could have connected with otherwise.

“No one has the international reach we can provide,” he said. “For example, for a small hotelier on Long Island, getting a guest from China may not be feasible without a good strong partner with representation in that region, that also advertises in that area. We spend more than $1 billion in advertising annually.”