Nomadix adds deep packet inspection platform


Nomadix introduced the Alloc8 - X Series, a family of four enterprise-grade layer 7 platforms that combine real-time monitoring, interactive analytics, purpose-built reports and an intelligent recommendation engine to give network operators the ability to pinpoint the source of congestion and manage bandwidth demand. The series features Deep Packet Inspection technology to give network managers and administrators a better understanding of network traffic, application and performance. It is designed for hotels, retail establishments, educational institutions, and service providers that struggle with too little bandwidth where visitor networks are deployed.

The blitz of streaming videos, multiple mobile devices and peer-to-peer collaboration is overwhelming traditional visitor network solutions. The need to balance visitor network capacity between recreational users and business users can often cause network managers to resort to adding bandwidth, accelerating network traffic or cutting off access to applications but these approaches are short term in nature, not cost effective and can actually contribute to network congestion.
Alloc8 enables network managers to prioritize critical applications and throughput-sensitive applications, providing insight into which applications are operating on the network, how they are performing and the amount of bandwidth being consumed by guests, devices, applications, and locations across the network. Administrators can then prioritize how and when individual users, groups, applications, and websites consume bandwidth on the network. The Alloc8 - X Series also features policy-based, traffic-shaping technology tools, which enable network teams to diagnose and resolve problems faster.

Alloc8 is available in four models, supporting a range of data throughput from 200 Mb up to 10 Gb, depending on the model. The X4000 is designed for small to medium locations and supports from 200 Mb up to 1 Gb of data throughput, in 100 Mb increments. The X6000 is targeted to larger establishments, such as hotels and convention centers, and supports from 1 Gb up to 2.5 Gb of data, in 500 Mb increments. The X8000 and X10000 models are geared for properties in need of a solution that can support up to 10 Gb of data throughput.