Nomadix launches new cloud offering

Bandwidth usage, as well as hardware and integration performance, can be monitored with Nomadix Cloud. Photo credit: Nomadix

Nomadix unveils Nomadix Cloud, a fully integrated suite of tools to manage a hotel's Wi-Fi network and provide network flexibility, reliability and scalability. The comprehensive cloud-based solution gives hotel owners, brands and managed service providers greater control and visibility of their network capabilities and performance.
The Nomadix Cloud was created with the vision of having a unified solution that not only elevates the guest experience, but simplifies the management and support of a property’s network. The system is designed to be deployed and scaled from just one to hundreds or even thousands of properties.

The Nomadix Cloud consists of a full suite of network-management tools, including the guest high-speed internet access portal, management and reporting capabilities, conference room scheduler and Nomadix service engine gateway. The guest HSIA portal is a customizable and template-based portal that can be white labeled for any hotel brand or managed service provider. A full range of access plans and authentication types, including the Hotspot 2.0 powered by Global Reach Technology, are provided.
The reporting and management capabilities prioritize network visibility and the ability to take corrective action in real-time. Bandwidth usage, as well as hardware and integration performance, can be monitored. System alerts and customizable reports help maintain guest satisfaction levels by identifying any potential issues before they arise.
Nomadix Cloud also includes the Nomadix cloud conference room scheduler to ensure that onsite events have the available bandwidth to provide each attendee and device with a fast and reliable connection. Via its user-friendly dashboard, the cloud conference room scheduler provides complete control over conference access and bandwidth levels as needed.

"While strong and reliable Wi-Fi is known to be one of the most critical hotel amenities, it is also one of the most challenging goals to achieve,” Nomadix CEO Ted Helvey said in a statement. “This is largely due to the complexity of integrating and managing a network that includes an array of disparate systems and services. Our Nomadix Cloud hospitality portal solves these issues by finally providing properties with a comprehensive set of tools that, through one user-friendly dashboard, can seamlessly offer complete control over all aspects and functionality of the network." 
The Nomadix NSE Gateway is the on-premises edge device of the cloud-powered solution and serves as the front line in the creation and support of the Wi-Fi network and bandwidth management capabilities. The ability to distribute unused bandwidth allows hotel owners to fully utilize the level of access that they have purchased, providing guests with even faster downloads and enhanced streaming experiences. Weighted fair queuing and class-based queuing ensures guests and conference attendees who have purchased higher bandwidth tiers always receive their proportionate share, even when a network's circuit has reached maximum capacity.