Nomadix rolls out upgrade program

A new upgrade program that runs through Dec. 15 allows hoteliers to upgrade to the EG 6000 at a 50 percent discount. Photo credit: Nomadix

Nomadix launched its EG 6000 upgrade program to provide hoteliers with the advanced capabilities and bulletproof security offered in the gateway platform. With today's hotel networks having to support multiple guest devices that access massive amounts of data, the Nomadix EG 6000 upgrade program ensures that hotels and convention centers are able to seamlessly support from 500 to up to 8,000 devices simultaneously per gateway, and when using the gateway's clustering feature, tens of thousands of guest devices can be supported. 

As the on-premises portion of the Nomadix Cloud solution, the gateway is the front line in the creation and support of the hotel network. The EG 6000's ability to support up to 6 gigabits of throughput ensures critical internet traffic flows smoothly.

This new upgrade program, which runs through Dec. 15, allows hoteliers to upgrade to the EG 6000, including device capacity upgrades and software modules, at a 50 percent discount. With the EG 6000 gateway, properties can implement a future-proof network that uses the latest hardware and firmware for improved performance, the latest security updates not available on discontinued models, along with several industry-leading advantages that include:

  • Higher performance processor;
  • Ethernet and fiber cable connection options;
  • Access to the latest software releases, including enhanced security and new abilities;
  • Scalable upgrade options with the adding of software modules and device capacity upgrades;
  • Advanced hardware replacement that includes next-day shipping;
  • Extended warranty along with maintenance and premium technical support;
  • Priority support status for calls and email requests.

"As the leading provider of gateway technology for the hospitality industry, Nomadix is committed to ensuring that the latest network abilities are accessible to all hoteliers, especially our longtime loyal customers," Nomadix Chairman/CEO Ted Helvey said in a statement. "Guests continue to expect more from a hotel's online capabilities as they bring more high-powered devices that require greater network resources. It is vital for hoteliers to have affordable upgrade options at their disposal that allow them to meet such rapidly expanding needs, in order to preserve their property reputations and guest satisfaction."

Additional advantages of the EG 6000 upgrade program include enhanced control over guest internet use and the ability to assign bandwidth limits. With the EG 6000, guests experience a seamless connection to the internet via multiple authentication options and "set and forget" functionality that requires a one-time network configuration without the ongoing need for additional administrative support. The EG 6000 gateway also provides hotels with the ability to incorporate brand designs and messaging with customizable login page features.