Novility launches hospitality training

Novility launches its first product Novility HELP later this year. Novility HELP is an interactive training system that reinforces current training practices, tailored to a hotel's needs. The first module caters to the housekeeping department, the foundation of the hospitality industry that is key to providing the desired clean and safe guest accommodation.

Using motion-capture and voice recognition technologies, Novility's training provides a unique, engaging and comprehensive educational experience for hotel employees. A virtual trainer guides trainees, in their native language, through a series of lessons & practical exercises dealing with protocol, ergonomics and language skills. Instant feedback is provided, and managers can easily track employee progress through a learning management system to have an overview of the team's performance as well as to address individual retraining needs. Various components of the training program can be combined to fit the needs of each hotel, allowing a seamless integration into operations.

Novility's approach to hospitality training has been increasingly garnering interest from a number of hotel properties and associations. Novility HELP has been well received by front-line employees and managers alike. Housekeepers have experienced the training program as easy to use with training content that is relevant for beginners as well as for experienced employees. As for managers, the ability for their staff to have retraining and repetition sessions is of great value, alongside the fact that Novility's training allows flexible scheduling and can be used at any time without direct supervision; a significant plus during hotels' busy operations.

Novility's team will have Novility HELP on display at HITEC.

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