Nutshell WiFi launches hotel acquisition division

The Nutshell hotel acquisition division has been established to place extra focus on hotels across the country, such as the newly signed Residence Inn Miami West/FL Turnpike.

Nutshell WiFi, a California-based tech startup, launched its new hotel acquisition division. In support of the new hotel acquisition division, Nutshell has also launched the second phase of its platform with cloud control integration, allowing hotels and business owners to access the same technology without the hardware, reducing overhead costs and set-up time.

Designed as a marketing automation tool and easy-to-use platform where hotels can create engaging and enticing guest content to further elevate and engage with their customer base, Nutshell WiFi allows guests to enjoy quick and easy access to the internet. Nutshell’s automation tool means that hotel owners simply need to create their hotel-branded platform, design the promotion or outreach they wish to run, set it up in the software and allow Nutshell to collect valuable data such as demographics, frequency of visits and guest information.

“With Nutshell, we wanted to create a platform that would give businesses from local coffee shops to large hotel chains the ability to connect to their customers, and ultimately develop a loyal customer and guess base,” Nutshell COO Bryan Lewis said in a statement. “The goal is to create a tool that serves as a bridge between the Wi-Fi already provided by the hotel and the guests using it during their stay—a way that hotels can create an extra layer of communication and data gathering without interfering with the guest experience.”

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The Nutshell hotel acquisition division has been established to place extra focus on hotels across the country, such as the newly-signed Residence Inn Miami West/FL Turnpike. Nutshell has created several package options that cater to all businesses, including removing the need for hardware while still maintaining the same benefits of the Nutshell WiFi platform through new cloud controller integration options.

The platform can be integrated through Cisco, Meraki, Aruba, Ubiquiti Networks and Ruckus. The ability to provide cloud controller integration is key for hotels to be able to continue using their current hardware without having to add anything additional, which is beneficial because most hotels have multiple floors and locations such as the lobby, restaurant and spa that all require ease of internet access for guests.