Nuvola partners with Evolutix on automation, energy management

The joint solution gives hoteliers the tools and methods necessary to harvest savings through technology-based solutions designed specifically for hotels. Photo credit: Nuvola

Nuvola has partnered with Evolutix to integrate its guestroom automation and energy-management products into Nuvola’s software. Now available to hoteliers, the joint efforts between both companies offer the hospitality industry an energy-savings return-on-investment platform that can significantly reduce utility expenses while delivering optimization solutions to cost-effectively manage, track and optimize each department.
Nuvola’s hotel software combined with Evolutix’s automation technologies allows hotel clients and their guests to benefit from service optimization and Internet of Things guestroom services, all in one platform. From the convenience of Nuvola’s customizable Angel web app, guests are able to control the lighting, temperature, music, TV, draperies and additional room/service features directly from their smartphone or mobile device and can even integrate voice commands with Alexa Echo. 

Allowing both guests and staff to manage room settings and requests from one platform helps reduce energy and operating costs in unsold rooms or when guests are not present while also increasing in-room comfort.
“The partnership between Nuvola and Evolutix brings service optimization, energy-management and in-room guest-engagement technology to hoteliers from the convenience of one system and one access point,” Nuvola CEO Juan Carlos Abello said in a statement. “By creating energy-saving solutions for hotel staff and their guests without interrupting their daily tasks or amenities enjoyed, we are able to boost internal efficiency and effectively cut down on unneeded energy use and operational spend.”
The 24/7 nature of hotels makes them energy-intensive buildings and the ever-growing insurgence of modernized technologies requires hoteliers to deploy methods of reducing energy inefficiencies in a way that will not negatively affect the guest experience. The joint solution gives hoteliers the tools and methods necessary to harvest savings through technology-based solutions designed specifically for hotels and their staff to deliver sustainable and predictable operational improvements. With the partnership, Nuvola is one of the first platforms to offer an intuitive and energy-saving software system that can track and help manage staff and guests needs cost efficiently.
“Guests expect technologies in hotels that are as good as or better than what they have at home,” Evolutix CEO Pedro Moreira said. “Evolutix is focused on providing hotels with solutions that integrate hardware and software into a unified solution that guests find easy to use and staff find so useful they rely on it for their day-to-day operations.”

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