Onity introduces wearable payment and access solution

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Onity launches Qing Solutions, a new wearable device that enables hotels and cruise ship guests to make payments and access their rooms and other access-controlled spaces from a smart bracelet. Designed to provide hotels and resorts with an advanced and effective way to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, Onity's Qing Solutions is the first radio frequency identification and near-field communication-based wearable payment and access management system for the hospitality and cruise ship industry throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

As a single wearable device, the bracelet eliminates the need for guests to carry room keys, credit cards or cash. Compatible with Onity electronic locks, the system allows guests to easily access controlled areas and complete payments for drinks, meals and special services like spa treatments, as well as to gain entry to special events. Qing Solutions helps guests make safe and easy cash-free payments through the transmission of non-financial data via a secure, encrypted connection.
Qing Solutions also allows hotel and cruise ship operators to gather data about their customers and discover trends. Through the use of this data, operators will be able to offer customized services and promotions based on trends and spending habits. Qing Solutions was developed by Spanish technology corporation Tecnalia.
“Offering the first available solution of its kind throughout the EMEA region, Onity is committed to delivering state of the art systems and enhanced guest experiences to the hospitality segment,” said Borja Ibarrondo, managing director, Onity & Supra, EMEA. “Qing Solutions offers a unique value proposition to customers and end users: hotels and cruise ships can grow their results while guests are happier thanks to an improved experience.”


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