OpenKey upgrades Chinese hotels with Universal BLE

Five hotels throughout China—the MiniMax Premier Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao, Yunnan Mekong King Land Hotel, Foshan Ceramik Hotel, Beijing ZMAX Hotel and Shanghai Ruby Hotel—have integrated OpenKey’s Universal Bluetooth Low Energy upgrade module. The technology adds mobile keyless entry capability to any hotel guestroom lock while maintaining the plastic keycard functionality.

The upgrade module completes a keyless entry platform offered by the company that includes a cloud-based key-management platform for hotels and the OpenKey mobile keyless entry app for guestroom access.

“Hotels and guests in China are keen to adopt mobile key for all the benefits it offers,” Lawrence Chen, managing director of OpenKey China, said in a statement. “The Universal BLE Upgrade module allows hotel guests to access their room securely using their smartphone and the popular WeChat social media platform, which means there’s no app download required.”

These hotels have all integrated the upgrade module to extend the useful life of their magstripe guestroom locks, allowing guests the option of mobile key or plastic keycard for room access.

“Guests of MiniMax Premiere hotels expect the latest in hotel technology, it’s part of our branding positioning and the promise we deliver on for our loyal patrons,” said MiniMax Premier Hotel GM Kerry Li. “Partnering with OpenKey China was the simple choice for us to improve the guest experience and deliver the most secure and convenient guestroom access in the market.”