Operational efficiency drives the energy-savings trend

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The obvious reduction in energy costs with an energy-management system can be significant—30 percent from guestroom control alone, experts report. The conservation of resources also drives the energy-savings trend. As more hoteliers embrace energy control, it will become a competitive advantage.

“The decreasing costs of technology, both in hardware and software, combined with more competitors in the marketplace equating to more robust and viable operations, allow for highly-customizable solutions for nearly any price point,” said Felicite Moorman, CEO of Stratis.

For hoteliers, it’s always about optimizing operations efficiency, said John Tavares, director of business development for Inncom by Honeywell. “Providing guests with a memorable experience at the least possible cost is always a good thing,” he continued.
Guest reviews on social media, brand compliance and the need to be profitable continue to drive more hoteliers to implement energy-management systems. Many U.S. utilities continue to provide rebates and incentives to deploy these systems. “Most leading hotel brands have publicly stated their commitment to reduce energy and water consumption, so there continues to be brand pressure to be aligned with brand goals,” Tavares said.

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Competitive room rates and escalating operating costs are a huge driver of this energy-management automation trend, said Douglas Mackemer, national director of parts, supplies and specialized equipment for Carrier Enterprise. “Hotels need to integrate this into the existing way of doing business—being in the background is most beneficial,” he said. “We are creatures of habit but with ease of use, the savings can be real while the impact will almost feel invisible to guests.”

Energy savings have become a social issue as well and hoteliers can benefit from an improved green lodging image with not only hotel guests but also travel agents and tour groups, said William Fizer, president of Lodging Technology.

Experts also have agreed that a growing number of guests are showing a preference for hotels that practice sustainability and environmental responsibility, such as achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certifications.

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