Oracle launches new POS workstation for hotels, restaurants

At the Oracle Industry Connect conference in Washington, D.C., the technology company announced a new workstation for hotels and restaurants. Oracle’s MICROS Workstation 6 works with mobile, cloud and social media to deliver consistent and integrated content across multiple sources. 

For hotels, the workstation can offer recommendations and display special promotions to personalize the guest experience. The workstation is a single engagement device that shares digital content from a variety of sources with both staff members and guests, from sharing a training video with a new worker to helping a guest view a spa package or menu special being offered.

“The design of Oracle’s MICROS Workstation 6 leverages new, modern technologies to help improve guest transactions, streamline business operations, and enhance guest loyalty,” Ray Carlin, Oracle Hospitality’s VP of strategy and solutions management, said in a statement. The device incorporates the design elements of mobile POS hardware to minimize its footprint. The ergonomic, all-in-one design minimizes the visual obstruction between guest and staff, while the 15.6-inch-wide HD touchscreen can be adjusted for guests to view (useful when displaying maps or local attractions). 

The new terminal also expands Oracle’s MICROS engagement devices, which includes Oracle’s MICROS R-Series Tablet and Oracle’s MICROS E-Series Tablet in 8-inch and 11-inch versions, which are fully mobile and can be carried by staff throughout the hotel. Hotel teams can also move between tablets and workstations as needed on the same task. 

The station runs on the Microsoft Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro system. A modular, integrated, three-track magnetic card reader allows for 3DES or AES encryption upon swiping. It also includes six USB ports, allowing users to attach peripherals such as printers, scanners, and cash drawers.


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