OTA Insight releases Parity Insight enhancement

Using Parity Insight, hotels and chain/group-level managers will be able to detect, action and resolve parity issues in real-time. Photo credit: OTA Insight

OTA Insight released a new enhancement to its Parity Insight solution, allowing teams to take control of key rate-parity issues impacting hotels’ bottom line from one single dashboard. It will form the latest addition to the company’s suite of cloud-based business-intelligence solutions for hoteliers who are looking to make smarter revenue and distribution decisions.
“Hotels must clearly understand where their lost revenue is going in order to develop revenue and distribution-management strategies that drive direct bookings and overall profitability,” Gino Engels, OTA Insight’s co-founder/chief commercial officer, said in a statement. "With Parity Insight, we went a step beyond just monitoring inconsistencies in parity by developing a unique new solution that visualizes revenue leaks and empowers hoteliers worldwide to take immediate action to close the loop and have the most direct impact on their brand promise and profitability."
Hotels and chain/group-level managers will be able to detect, action and resolve parity issues in real-time via smart workflow automation and communication between suppliers, chains and hotels on a global scale, enabling a closed-loop parity-control process for global hotel chains, local brands, management companies and ownership groups.
Hotel groups also will have the option to check on wholesalers selling rates to unauthorized online travel agencies via automated root-cause detection technology. “Though many hotels have contracted terms with authorized OTAs, wholesalers are on-selling rooms to non-contracted OTAs, undercutting hotel rates as much as 25 percent, according to our data,” Engels said.
“Overall, this product enhancement addresses a major issue in the hotel industry right now,” said Jeff Wermager, senior director of revenue optimization services, Radisson Hotels. “It is really a game-changer, specifically the insight that Parity Insight has now brought us with issue identification [because] it uncovers the problems that may not have been brought to our attention in our manual process. I really feel we have a concrete starting point that allows us to create initial action plans for how we're going to attack and reduce these parity issues. By having this understanding, our brand’s performance will improve, but what these new features of Parity Insight will help us do as an industry is to level the playing field for us to sell our products on our own merits.”

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