Oxford Collection selects IDeaS for revenue management

Bend, Ore.-based Oxford Collection is set to implement IDeaS' G3 revenue-management system across all its 17 U.S. hotels to deliver pricing and forecasting, manage operational resources more economically and increase market share. Oxford wanted a more comprehensive, automated revenue-management system that was free from the limitations of its previous rules-based system, according to the company.

For an organization accustomed to the central management of its revenue strategy, Oxford Collection decided that a fully automated RMS was a necessity that could help increase the efficiencies of its small team. Having experienced the challenges of both a 100 percent manual system and a rules-based RMS, Oxford Collection decided it would benefit from the enhanced efficiency of the fully automated strategic pricing decisions provided by IDeaS G3 RMS, for example, overbooking decision management, room-type pricing, etc.

G3 RMS automatically produces rate availability decisions that holistically work together with pricing to ensure the properties are accepting the most valuable business based on available demand. The G3 RMS provides highly detailed, granular automated forecasts that analyze data from various sources, leading to more effective decisions and higher revenue. 

“In a certain way, working with IDeaS felt like coming home, knowing you’re in good hands," Christian Boerger, vice president of revenue strategy, Oxford Collection, said in a statement. "The automatic configuration tool has worked like a charm, not to mention the amount of time it has saved us. Apart from this, the level of attention provided as we go through the implementation process has been fantastic.”