Paris Hotel Indigo selects Otrum for new IPTV services

Guests staying at the Hotel Indigo Paris - Opera will have a dedicated Wi-Fi hotspot in each room and a 42-inch smart TV with the integrated Otrum Enterprise platform for guest entertainment and communication. Otrum's IPTV offering is a complete turnkey solution, now deployed, up and running.

Otrum's technology solutions are designed to meet the needs of the rapidly emerging millennial traveller, with guest connectivity options and device independent, guest-facing systems. Otrum addresses the challenge set by smart TV architecture, using a set-top-box-free version of Otrum Enterprise. This innovative Otrum architecture requires a high level of integration between the different components: Middleware, smart TV and the IPTV head-end.

"The streaming and content security system is based on Anevia's Flamingo modular IPTV head-end," said Nigel Bateson, SVP, sales Nordic and products at Otrum. "Flamingo was the logical choice for this deployment. It captures live television and radio content from satellite, cable and digital terrestrial sources, and streams it in very high quality over an IP network. A single Flamingo head-end unit can deliver hundreds of streams. The solution we have provided to the Indigo Hotel is nothing short of ground-breaking. It includes Anevia's Pro:Idiom encryption option which provides a high level of content protection and also allows direct connection to television receivers without requiring a separate set-top box. This form of direct connection enables Indigo Hotel guests to select programs and services via the television display screen rather than requiring a separate set-top box."

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"This partnership with Otrum in the Indigo Hotel project is the natural result of Anevia high level of R&D investment to bring to the hospitality market the latest IPTV enhancement including digital rights management, multiscreen compatability and cloud-ready solutions," said Damien Lucas, CTO and co-founder of Anevia. "Eliminating the traditional set-top box reduces installation and maintenance costs and makes the entire system easier to operate. These advantages benefit hotel guests and management staff alike."