Peabody Memphis simplifies its accounting process

The Peabody Memphis used Aptech’s Profitvue hotel accounting software system for a number of years. Photo credit: Aptech Computer Systems

The 464-room Peabody Memphis (Tenn.) upgraded its back-office financial system to the cloud-based Aptech PVNG enterprise accounting to simplify accounting operations and safeguard data in the cloud.
“Aptech’s PVNG enterprise accounting is easy to learn and use for our staff,” Kristen Barnett, Peabody Memphis’ director of financial reporting, said in a statement. “One of our growth initiatives is to put as much data in the cloud as possible. PVNG hotel accounting software does this for us. Our conversion process to PVNG was simple, and the system’s navigation is intuitive.”

The Peabody Memphis accounting team uses Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers to access PVNG. The system is compatible with all major internet browsers. Aptech hosts the PVNG system at its secure network data center in Pittsburgh.
The Peabody Memphis used Aptech’s Profitvue hotel-accounting software system for a number of years. Aptech engineered PVNG to enable smooth data conversion from other back office systems. The system is cloud-based so Aptech’s team can provide personal hands-on support to simplify the upgrade process.
PVNG provides an easy to navigate architecture. PVNG supports one property or a large multibrand, multiproperty portfolio. It uses the most current technology platform and incorporates accounts payable, general ledger, accounts receivable, statistics, financials and a bank reconciliation, all with familiar browser navigation.

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