Portier expands services to Europe with Derby Hotels partnership

Portier phone at The Claris Hotel, Barcelona (Portier expands services to Europe with Derby Hotels partnership)

Portier Technologies, a provider of mobile guest services for luxury hotels, expanded to Europe with a service partnership with leading hotelier, Derby Hotels Collection. Barcelona-based Claris Hotel and Spa 5* GL was the first property selected for launch, in which Portier Technologies' custom smartphones and guest-services platform are now available hotel-wide.

Portier phones include hotspot connectivity, allowing guests to bypass data roaming fees or the expense and inconvenience of installing a local SIM card. Portier devices directly communicate with hotel systems—allowing guests to communicate directly with hotel staff, and to discover and book services on property or while exploring Barcelona.

Complementing the technology is Portier's local art, cultural and entertainment reporting available exclusively to Portier-enabled hotels. This coverage is exemplified by the launch of a daily bulletin titled "Radar," which reports on local experiences and happenings taking place.

"By partnering with Portier, we are able to address many of the requests we receive from guests, all in one solution," said Joaquim Clos, CEO of Derby Hotels Collection. "We're pleased with the added value services Portier provides, and how their editorial coverage provides unique Barcelona experiences for our guests."

With additional major European travel destinations planned for launch across 2017 and beyond, Portier Technologies has selected Barcelona for the company's European headquarters.

"In addition to access to talent, Barcelona's longstanding presence of local artists, designers, neighborhood food markets and more is a delight for all senses and serves as a perfect backdrop for our editorial ambitions," said Mark Pope, co-founder of Portier Technologies. "Our aim is to present hotel guests with a daily array of local experiences, and we feel that this direction will also positively impact the wider Barcelona community."