Premier Inn's Hub will allow guests to control rooms with smartphones

Hub by Premier Inn has opened the doors to its first high-tech hotel at Covent Garden in London and are now taking bookings for November via its dedicated app. The same app can also be used to control some of the features inside, such as changing channels on the in-room, 40-inch Smart TV, as well as adjusting room and light temperatures.

This next-generation hotel comes with high-speed Wi-Fi and a local area guide with augmented-reality technology on the walls of every room – where guests can point their phones to see it come to life.

Whitbread Hotels, owner of the Premier Inn chain, are already planning 11 new hotels totaling 2,000 rooms over the next three years throughout London and Edinburgh, after the November launch of the first one.

“The way we choose to travel and experience a city is changing,” said Simon Ewins, business development director for Whitbread Hotels & Restaurants. “Apps are already revolutionizing the way we order our groceries, book taxis, and check-in at airports, it was only a matter of time before the hotel experience followed suit.”

Users can download the 'hub by Premier Inn' app on the App Store or Google Play store.