Prolitec introduces ScenXus smart business scenting system

Prolitec introduced an environmental scenting system employing smart Internet of Things devices. The new ScenXus system uses Prolitec’s IoT platform and the cloud to monitor and control performance quality of Prolitec ambient scenting services. Prolitec’s ambient scenting services are being used in hotels and public spaces to enhance the environment, improve the customer experience, sell a product, or remediate an odor. Prolitec has more than 127,000 appliance installations in 83 countries touching an estimated 37 million people each day.

Prolitec will start installing ScenXus in selected client locations in early September. “ScenXus is a game-changer in commercial ambient scenting,” Prolitec CEO Richard Weening said in a statement. “The ability to monitor scenting performance and instantly adjust appliances affords us and our clients an unprecedented level of flexibility and control over a high-impact medium of communication – scent.”

Today, commercial  scenting appliances are installed and adjusted by on-site technicians who assess performance and make machine adjustments. Prolitec’s ScenXus monitors scenting performance by location so a customer care agent in the network center can make whatever adjustments are needed in real time.   

Prolitec’s scenting services are certified compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration, State of California Proposition 65 restrictions, the American Congress of Governmental and Industrial Hygienists and the International Fragrance Association.

The Internet of Things uses the internet, sensors, and standardized messaging protocols to gather and exchange information remotely. Applications of this new technology already include monitoring and performance control of smart household scenting systems (Aera), sound systems (Sonos), climate control systems (Nest), and security systems (Ring). While only the highest-need devices are smart today, the global consulting firm Gartner estimates that by 2020 there will be 26 billion connected devices.    

The introduction of ScenXus follows Prolitec’s recent introduction of a smart home scenting system, Aera. Aera enables scenting in one or more rooms of a connected home, which can be remotely controlled from anywhere with an iOS or Android smartphone app. Prolitec employs a variant of Aera’s global IoT platform to operate the ScenXus system.