Quantum Metric unveils real-time, automatic response feature

For digital teams, taking real-time action can be the difference between a poor customer experience and a lifelong brand advocate. Photo credit: Quantum Metric

Digital experience intelligence platform Quantum Metric unveiled Activate, a capability that empowers businesses to dynamically respond to user behavior in the moment. Activate leverages Quantum Metric’s real-time data engine to surface digital insights and make them actionable within any platform. The relevant information is computed and shared via Activate’s real-time webhook to numerous endpoints, all within milliseconds of an actual user experience anomaly. 

Key features of Activate include:

  • Rescue: Detect frustrations and deploy rescue attempts immediately. For example, if a high-value customer repeatedly inputs a promo code incorrectly and indicates frustration, they may be at risk of abandoning their journey. With Activate, brands can trigger a chat session or even on-site optimization.
  • Re-engage: Create dynamic segments for retargeting or personalization based on unique behaviors, including rage-clicking or feature engagement. Activate allows customers to combine Quantum Metric data (behaviors) with existing attributes (high-value customer) in a customer data platform, such as Tealium and Adobe Launch, creating highly actionable segments.
  • Enrich: Pass behavioral information into other analytics tools for alerting, reporting or segmentation purposes. Quantum Metric can push behavioral user data into analytics or performance monitoring tools, allowing customers to add context to already robust data reporting capabilities.  

Activate is currently being rolled out, with hotels using the product now. “With Quantum Metric’s unique digital experience data, we can now automate processes and proactively assist customers at key points in their journey,” said the manager of research and experience at a leading hotel company. “Before, the feedback would take weeks or months, and now it is real-time.”
To maximize organizations’ investment in their marketing stack, Quantum Metric has aligned with several technology partners, including Adobe Experience Cloud, Qualtrics, Optimizely and Tealium.