Real Hospitality Group adopts new financial-performance system

Real Hospitality Group can now seamlessly integrate with a multitude of disparate data-generating systems. Photo credit: ProfitSword

Real Hospitality Group selected ProfitSword to obtain a real-time and fully comprehensive overview of its financial performance across the breadth of its organization. The hotel management company opted to implement the full suite of ProfitSword solutions to provide its team members with seamless data-management and business-intelligence abilities.

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Real Hospitality leadership acknowledged that its portfolio of 110 properties had grown to where implementing an advanced business-intelligence and data-management infrastructure was critical in continuing to identify opportunities for further expansion. 

Key to its decision in partnering with ProfitSword was the company's industry expertise in understanding and providing solutions for the unique challenges faced by hotel management companies overseeing an array of multibranded, independent and lifestyle properties. This included ProfitSword's ability to seamlessly integrate with a multitude of disparate data-generating systems, providing hoteliers with a user-friendly dashboard that operates as a single source for all performance-related information in real-time.

By implementing the ProfitSage module, Real Hospitality has saved countless hours of compiling data in the forecasting and budgeting process. This is achieved via ProfitSage's ability to instantly extract and compile financial and statistical performance data from operational and financial systems. ProfitSage further provides the ability to segment data, including by region, brand, submarket or individual hotel departments. This functionality ensures that each employee can obtain the granular level of detail needed to determine if their respective areas of responsibility are performing to budget or whether they are on the right path to accomplishing specific business objectives.

“We have experienced significant improvement in forecasting accuracy for top line revenues,” Simon Little, EVP of sales and marketing for Real Hospitality, said in a statement. “This in turn has flowed down to the various departments such as housekeeping or food and beverage, which has resulted in significant improvements in reducing unnecessary expenses. We are able to fully understand every facet within our business, with each team member able to receive customized reports ensuring their ability to swiftly identify opportunities that lead to increased revenue, company growth and guest satisfaction.