RoamingAround offers interactive virtual property tours

As part of its Mobile Engagement platform, RoamingAround is offering interactive virtual property tours enabling potential guests to remotely experience every aspect of the hotel, resort or even city, as if they were actually there. RoamView is enabling hoteliers, event sales teams and tourism bureaus to place travelers in the center of each desired location and surround them with visual elements that make their brand unique.
"RoamView by RoamingAround is designed to help destination marketers upsell guestrooms, event spaces and other property services by offering deeper customer engagement," said Sarah Smith, RoamingAround vice president of sales and marketing. "RoamView showcases a property in a mobile-ready environment, educating guests about a brand by combining actionable touch-points throughout the tour. This not only drives revenue by triggering impulse purchases, such as redeeming offers and upselling rooms, but staff also can send small files to groups, VIP guests and international travelers with meeting RFPs to differentiate from other venues."
RoamView incorporates virtual reality, overhead drone footage, GoPro cameras, educational videos and interactive buttons. These luxury tours can be embedded in the property’s website, app or individual portions can be used as a sales tool or in social media presence for potential guests and meeting planners to experience the hotel remotely from an all-encompassing perspective. From guestrooms and meeting rooms to ski slopes and golf course panoramas, visitors will experience every accommodation, attraction and event space as if they were physically standing on location.
RoamingAround will film and photograph rooms, meeting spaces, common areas and other locations of interest, and then render the images to create an immersive and interactive experience of the property, rather than just posting static photos. This helps marketers to differentiate their property over the competition while providing an engaging virtual experience.

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