New York's Royalton Park Avenue updates Wi-Fi

The Royalton Park Avenue in New York gains greater control over network health and performance with the addition of the HIS Fusion network gateway. Photo credit: Hotel Internet Services

The Royalton Park Avenue in New York has enhanced guest and business meeting Wi-Fi services with Hotel Internet Services. Previously experiencing connectivity issues due to legacy network equipment, the hotel sought out the services of a reputable provider that could ensure a strong signal throughout guest and meeting areas. Hotel leadership desired the ability to simultaneously provide fast connection speeds for a multitude of guests or meeting devices attempting to gain online access at any one time. By working with HIS, the hotel was able to have Ruckus access points strategically placed throughout the property in order to eliminate any weak signal areas.

With the additional implementation of the HIS Fusion network gateway solution, the hotel also gains greater control over network health and performance. This includes the ability to monitor and modify bandwidth usage along with options that include customizing the amount of time that passes before a user is asked to authenticate themselves again.

"Exceptional Wi-Fi quality has become universally essential in meeting guest needs in hotel markets around the world, but for us this is especially true as our location within Manhattan means that we often cater to an array of meetings where a good connection is required to ensure a successful event," Ashlee Thomas, director of sales and marketing at Royalton Park Avenue, said in a statement. "Partnering with HIS has ensured that we have the ability to provide each guest and meeting attendee with the level of bandwidth and signal strength that their online needs demand. With both guests and meeting events also expecting that their information remains private when accessing our network, HIS also provides us with the ability to maintain the highest level of online data protection at all times."

By opting to implement the HIS Fusion gateway, the hotel is able to shield sensitive data such as credit card transactions and banking details against the threat of hacking. Fusion further enhances online security with features such as automated scanning for potential network vulnerabilities and the ability to receive regular software updates.