Sabre's technology report: Three emerging tech trends to watch

Savioke Relay robot (Demands for a higher minimum age will cause mass automation in the hotel business. But is that a good thing?)

Technology innovation is changing faster than ever with emerging capabilities like robotics, artificial intelligence and augmented reality on the brink of permeating nearly every aspect of daily life. Sabre has identified the top trends for the coming year in its "2017 Emerging Technology in Travel Report."
From humanoid robots checking guests in at hotels to virtual immersive vacations to AI-powered chatbot assistants with unique personality traits, the Sabre Labs emerging technology report explores how new technologies are evolving to shape travel and other industries in the years to come. The report evaluates the three major technology trends likely to have the greatest impact on the travel industry for 2017 as well as the key technologies anchoring each trend.

Identified trends are: 

  1. Conversational interfaces: Voice, messaging and the shift to new forms of communication. 
  2. Digital realities: How virtual and augmented realities are changing the travel landscape. 
  3. Connected intelligence: The role of bots, robots and location beacons in travel. 

“Sabre is constantly exploring new technologies to determine how they can best be applied to the travel industry to improve the travel experience,” said Mark McSpadden, director of Sabre Labs. “We continue to discover new ways these technologies can fit into our portfolio and drive innovation for our customers and their travelers.”