Samsung introduces Wi-Fi solution for hospitality

Samsung Hospitality Wall Plate (Samsung introduces Wi-Fi solution for hospitality)

Samsung Electronics America introduces a new enterprise Wi-Fi Solution designed specifically for hoteliers — the Samsung Hospitality Wall Plate (WEA412H) access point. This cost effective, highly-reliable and easy-to-implement wireless Internet solution for hoteliers makes it simpler to bring the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology to multi-tenant buildings such as hotels, dorms, or patient rooms in healthcare facilities.
“Wi-Fi quality has become a deciding factor in the guest's perception of the superiority of a hotel,” said John D'Annunzio, GM of Samsung Wireless Enterprise. “Samsung developed a solution that reimagines what you should be able to do with Wi-Fi to deliver the level of connectivity that guests desire. With Samsung’s Wi-Fi solutions – beginning with implementing the Wi-Fi infrastructure through connecting all electronics and mobile devices – hoteliers can achieve greater guest loyalty and satisfaction.”

Key features of the Samsung Hospitality Wall Plate include:

  • Connect existing CAT 5/6 Ethernet cables or Gigabit cables, reducing the amount of cables required for installations.
  • Place wireless access points into individual rooms, instead of hallways, providing guests stronger signals and hotels a more cost-efficient Wi-Fi approach. It is also slim, compact, and plugs directly into a room’s electrical junction box, providing a better room aesthetic.
  • The wall plate features IoT connectivity via USB port, future-proofing rooms as hotels evolve and serve guests in a more customized and automated way.