Saudi Grand Hyatt installs digital key technology

Assa Abloy Global Solutions has implemented digital key and mobile check-in functionality at the Grand Hyatt Al Khobar Hotel and Residences in Saudi Arabia. The newly opened hotel is the first Grand Hyatt-branded property in the kingdom and also is one of the latest Hyatt branded properties in the region to leverage Assa Abloy Global Solutions’ digital key technology under Hyatt’s Mobile Entry program. 

The deployment of Mobile Entry follows the hotel’s implementation of other Hyatt Global Care & Cleanliness Commitment features, including the use of QR codes, contactless payment and mobile-based amenity ordering. Assa Abloy’s digital key lets guests who arrive at Grand Hyatt Al Khobar Hotel and Residences check in from their personal devices and enter their room without having to visit the front desk. Once checked in, the guests device automatically receives a room number and the digital key information.

Mobile Entry also utilizes advanced security features to prevent data theft and unauthorized room access. This includes the use of secure communications channels that transmit encrypted digital key and room number information to guest devices, with the mobile app in turn storing the data while leveraging a device’s own security features as an extra layer of protection. When a guest places his or her device within proximity of the appropriate door look, digital key data is again transmitted using secure communication channels to ensure seamless authorized entry.

To implement Mobile Entry, Grand Hyatt Al Khobar also leverages VingCard Essence door locks by Assa Abloy for full digital key compatibility. VingCard Essence does not require any additional components or hardware replacement in order for digital key services to be activated.