Saybrook Point Inn implements guestroom controls from Honeywell

The e7 Thermostats in the Saybrook Point Inn, Marina and Spa public space areas reduce unnecessary heating and cooling. Photo credit: Honeywell (Saybrook Point Inn, Marina and Spa)

The Saybrook Point Inn, Marina and Spa in Old Saybrook, Conn., has successfully implemented Honeywell’s Inncom e7 Thermostat and guestroom controls in all guestrooms and public spaces. 
“On the front end, the new e7 unit is easy for our guests to use. On the back end, Honeywell’s energy-management software connects all of our guestrooms and public spaces to a central energy optimization control station,” Saybrook Point GM John Lombardo said in a statement. “We spend significantly less on energy costs compared to hotels our size in our area. Our units with e7 Thermostats have a guest occupancy detection system that optimizes energy by setting back the temperature for vacant rooms. With Honeywell’s guest-activated ‘do-not-disturb’ and ‘make up room’ hallway display, guests may conveniently manage their privacy from within the room.”
Saybrook Point also uses the Honeywell Inncom wireless network system, which communicates each room’s vacant or occupied status to management. This helps to efficiently schedule housekeepers based on room occupancy.
In addition, Saybrook Point Inn has installed Inncom e7 Thermostats in its public spaces and meeting rooms for greater environmental responsibility and cost savings.

“The e7 Thermostats in our public space areas reduce unnecessary heating and cooling,” Lombardo said. “This significantly lowers energy expenses and system maintenance costs. The system incorporates a user-defined ‘scheduler’ program for meeting rooms and public areas that allows us to heat and cool areas before events to optimize energy use.”
The e7’s system builds on Honeywell’s energy-control experience and is updated with the latest technology, a modern look and a simple-to-use interface. An added enhancement is the e7’s ability to use its built-in proximity sensor to automatically brighten its flat-panel control display when a guest approaches. When the unit senses that a guest is not nearby, the e7’s panel dims for a better sleeping environment.

“As an engineer, I value the ease of programming individual e7 thermostat temperature settings,” said Nick D’Acri, chief engineer at Saybrook Point Inn. “With the e7, I centrally load specific allowable temperature range settings into each thermostat’s memory from my office. This greatly reduces our engineers’ time for what used to be a manual process.”