Scandic introduces new digital commercial platform

(Scandic Hotels)

Scandic Hotels launches a new digital platform that will improve the customer experience and service level as well as further increase the site's conversion rate. The first step is launch of a new commercial website in seven languages.

To optimize meeting customer requirements and the growing demand for dialog and service in digital channels going forward, Scandic has invested in a new digital commercial platform with a focus on the customer experience, service and conversion.

Scandic will be able to offer a more personalized customer dialog both before, during and after a hotel stay. This includes the "dream phase" where customers begin considering different travel options to following up with improved distribution and search functionality in the customer's "selection phase." The new digital platform will also allow Scandic to communicate in the "planning phase," for example, by offering information about the destinations and hotels. In the future, Scandic will also offer innovative services to help customers during their stay.

“Digitization in the hotel industry is affecting our business in several dimensions,”  said Frank Fiskers, President & CEO of Scandic Hotels Group. “At Scandic, we are focusing on digitization opportunities within the customer experience, sales and distribution as well as increasing the efficiency of our operations.”