Shore Hotel installs energy storage system to help towards LEED Platinum certification

Santa Monica's Shore Hotel installed power saving technology by Green Charge Networks, which will save the Hotel an estimated 50 percent in demand charges annually. GreenStation, an intelligent energy storage system, combines historical energy use patterns with real-time weather data to predict demand and store and discharge energy accordingly. The system's installation will further showcase the hotel's commitment to sustainability and help it towards LEED Platinum certification.

Over the past decade, while kWh pricing has trended downwards in California for businesses, kW pricing has grown by more than 7 percent annually. On average, commercial electricity users pay 50 percent or more of their electric bill in demand charges. These so-called "demand charges" reflect the peak electricity use during a given period and are mainly shouldered by businesses.

Along with the GreenStation intelligent energy storage system, Shore Hotel will be installing an Electric Vehicle charging station for the increasing number of hotel guests that drive EVs. The GreenStation will thus reduce demand charges from the electricity spikes associated with EV chargers.

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