SHR integrates with Duetto’s rate engine

The new Duetto integration is available to all applicable SHR Windsurfer clients. Photo credit: Duetto (Duetto closes $80 million financing round)

SHR, Sceptre Hospitality Resources, has become fully integrated with Duetto’s rate engine, providing SHR Windsurfer clients who have a loyalty program the opportunity to set dynamic room rates based off of members’ profile and value.

“Right now, the biggest hotel revenue driver is loyalty and loyalty programs,” SHR product manager Amanda Meeks said in a  statement. “DRE is a great way to push loyalty programs to the next level by offering dynamic rates for the guest, being able to actually show a customer their personal array of booking options. We’re all about giving the hoteliers more revenue-generation choices. The Duetto Rate Engine is a perfect fit into that mission.”

The seamlessly integrated systems now allow hotels to offer a more personalized experience for loyal guests, including a tailored rate or custom package offer that is beneficial for both guest and hotel. This is a major step up from having to wait until guests check in and then offering them a manual discount. More choices equal more revenue from more booking opportunities.

“When travelers log into your system, you can offer them what are called ‘fenced’ rates, not available on any other channel,” said Patrick Bosworth, Duetto co-founder/CEO. “With the right rate and booking-engine integrations, hotels can offer loyal guests a completely personalized booking experience, including a tailored rate based on their booking patterns and value.”