Puerto Rican hotels implement custom mobile app, in-room tablets

CasaBlanca Hotel (SOFO Hotel Group offers guests in-Room tablets, custom mobile app)

San Juan, Puerto Rico-based SOFO Hotels, which owns and operates the CasaBlanca Hotel, Villa Herencia, DaHouse and The Wave, has chosen to enhance its guest experience through the KEYPR platform, which includes a custom mobile app and in-room tablets. This marks KEYPR’s first partnership in Puerto Rico.

Hotel guests will be able to use their smartphones and in-room tablets to access hotel services while on and off property, access hotel information and communicate with hotel staff. Staff and management will be able to utilize the KEYPR system to streamline and track requests and generally improve the efficiency with which they interact with guests. In addition to operational benefits, SOFO Hotels will be able to leverage the powerful platform to promote amenities and partners such as restaurants and bars, as well as localize the experience for their guests through KEYPR’s promotion, events and push notification features.

“We are very excited to implement KEYPR in our hotels, as we feel this system is on the cutting edge of guest experience enhancements through technology,” said Rafael Oller, president of SOFO Hotels. “More so, we feel that the way the KEYPR implementation, support and pricing is structured, it allows smaller boutique hotels like ours to be on par with technologies being implemented in larger chain hotels.”

KEYPR offers hotels a completely customized, fully integrated system with which to manage guest requests and staff work flow replacing the need for multiple solutions. KEYPR’s SaaS model offers the full system to hotel operators with no money upfront and zero CapEx.