Sojern debuts COVID-19 travel insights dashboard

Sojern will be providing free and unlimited access to a new interactive dashboard providing real-time COVID-19 travel insights. Photo credit: Pixabay/Rudy and Peter Skitterians

Sojern, a provider of digital travel marketing solutions, launched a new interactive dashboard providing real-time COVID-19 travel insights. These insights will empower Sojern’s customers, partners and industry leaders to forecast travel demand and make informed decisions about market recovery. Sojern will be providing free and unlimited access to the public via the Sojern website, a service the firm has only ever provided to customers and partners.

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The dashboard, updated daily at 10:30 p.m. UTC, will provide market-level details on future searching and booking trends indexed to pre-COVID levels to provide visibility into timing for a recovery in specific destinations. Travel providers can use these insights to help determine when to reopen or when to accelerate marketing to power recovery. Dashboard users also will be able to compare different regions to see when travel is likely to recover in each market.

“Normally, weekly or even monthly data updates about how consumers are traveling would be acceptable to inform marketing campaigns,” said Amber Kuo, Sojern’s director of travel insights. “However, in COVID times, travel marketers are feeling stressed and uncertain about the future. Providing daily updates gives marketers more control because they can see how the situation is evolving, and when is the right time to act.”

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Sojern collects and analyzes travel intent data from thousands of airline and hotel partners from around the world to use as the foundation of Sojern’s travel insights. This data provides a view of travel demand by looking at online traveler path to purchase.

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