Sonifi introduces DOCSIS-based internet service

DOCSIS uses pre-existing coax cabling available in all hotel rooms to deliver internet service.

Sonifi Solutions is bringing DOCSIS internet solutions to major hotel brands, saving the cost of rewiring and construction on guestrooms. Hotels also see improved guest satisfaction with high performance Internet – Sonifi’s DOCSIS solution delivers 10 to 20 times higher throughput than today's over-the-top video streaming requirements.

With the significant growth in bandwidth consumption in hotel rooms, driven mainly by video streaming applications, there is an increased need to migrate Wi-Fi access points from the hallway into guestrooms. Doing so increases the number of access points - and thus the Wi-Fi coverage — for the guest. Most hotels do not have existing Ethernet cabling in guest rooms and are faced with a high re-cabling expense. DOCSIS solves this problem by utilizing pre-existing coax cabling available in all hotel rooms.

Sonifi's DOCSIS solution is already deployed in many branded and independent hotels, including Hyatt Regency Montreal, Grand Hyatt San Francisco, Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, Hilton Waikiki Beach, San Ramon Marriott, and Fairmont's Swissôtel Chicago.

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DOCSIS technology provides a cost-effective and fast solution to upgrading a property's guest Internet infrastructure. Rewiring a hotel to Ethernet can cost between $350 and $2,000 per room, which does not include additional losses due to construction-related service disruptions. In contrast, a Sonifi DOCSIS installation generally takes 15 minutes per room to complete and can be less than half the cost of rewiring and construction per room.

"By leveraging the hotel's pre-existing coax wiring infrastructure, Sonifi delivers guest Internet without tearing out walls, rewiring or taking rooms out of service," Reed Majors, Sonifi's GM/VP of Internet services, said in a release. "The end result is increased guest satisfaction and reductions in the total cost of ownership."