SpaSoft adds enterprise functionality with new version

(SpaSoft adds enterprise functionality with new version)

Springer-Miller Systems releases the latest version upgrade for SpaSoft Spa Management System. Spas require critical operational data to maintain optimal business operating ratios and make key business decisions. SpaSoft now allows for larger spa operations with multiple locations to manage all of their spas from a single database.

With the upgrades, management can access enterprise level reporting. Guests will experience better customer service with guest profiles shared among all of the member spas.
“Due to the competitive nature of the market, spas are highly focused on actionable data to manage their business,” said Michelle Young, VP of sales and marketing for Springer-Miller Systems. “Spa directors need immediate access to their important data and analytics in order to make timely business decisions. SpaSoft Enterprise provides that competitive edge with actionable, enterprise level data.”
SpaSoft Enterprise leverages the benefits of SpaSoft Hosting Services to remove on-site hardware and connect spas in the cloud. In addition to powering SpaSoft Enterprise, SpaSoft Hosting Services can provide individual spas with greater security and back-up benefits and lower capital investments by removing expensive on-site hardware.
With version 6.0, SpaSoft has eliminated all cardholder data through the use of point-to-point encryption and tokenization with partner payment processing systems. This eliminates SpaSoft from PCI Scope, helping spas to save money and time on their PCI Compliancy efforts and ensuring that guest cardholder data is protected.