Tides Hotel turns guests into marketers with Flip.to

The Tides Hotel, an oceanfront property in the bohemian town of Folly Beach, S.C., has engaged a new audience of travelers with Flip.to, the advocacy platform for hotels. Advocacy has grown to be an impactful part of the hotel's marketing and revenue strategy.

"Our guests have become a small army of marketers who've helped us reach the right traveler for our unique hotel, at a much larger scale than many ad programs could do," said Brian Ross, revenue manager at Tides Hotel. "Plus, we've seen firsthand the enthusiasm a new visitor has when they've been introduced to us through a friend or family member. The incentive for them to book directly is an added bonus for the guest, and our hotel."

The platform was easy to implement, and advocacy has blended seamlessly into the hotel's daily operations. Since Tides Hotel launched with Flip.to in the fall of last year, the hotel has reached more than 400,000 connections through advocacy. Even more importantly, these potential guests fall into a pool of like-minded travelers with similar interests and purchasing habits as the advocates for the hotel.

This model has been hugely successful for the property. Unlike rate or discount driven selling methods, the hotel instead focuses on touting the hip and edgy guest experience of Tides Hotel at Folly Beach throughout their site and marketing—a strategy that maintains the integrity of the brand, as well as affinity of their guests. The traffic driven through Flip.to has resulted in more than 1,200 sign-ups for an offer on a future stay at the beachside property.