Townhouse Hotel Miami Beach adds flexible ownership reporting

Townhouse Hotel Miami Beach operators can quickly become 11th edition-compliant by implementing PVNG’s packaged chart of accounts and financial statements. Photo credit: Aptech Computer Systems

The Townhouse Hotel Miami Beach (Fla.) implemented the PVNG enterprise hotel accounting system from Aptech Computer Systems to move its back office to the cloud for multiproperty accounting. 
“PVNG is an excellent financial system that does everything we need for our two properties,” Remy Abueg, the hotel's controller, said in a statement. “I understand hospitality accounting and back-office systems, and PVNG makes my job much easier.” 
Townhouse Hotel Miami Beach’s management company recently took over operation of a second hotel. “PVNG made it a simple matter to add our second property to our enterprise back-office system,” Abueg said. “PVNG lets me toggle between our two properties and instantly upload my separate general ledger entries. All I need is my company code and the entry automatically goes to the correct ledger. My ownership reports print directly to Excel with a tab for each department and actionable variance numbers for business analysis.”
PVNG is Aptech’s cloud-based next generation of enterprise accounting. PVNG hotel accounting software uses the most current technology platform and incorporates accounts payable, general ledge, accounts receivable, statistics, financials, and a bank reconciliation, all with familiar browser navigation. Operators can quickly become 11th edition-compliant by implementing PVNG’s packaged chart of accounts and financial statements. PVNG’s hotel accounting software cloud platform lets Aptech monitor and support all aspects of users’ system processes for professional hands-on support.
Aptech provides the Execuvue business-intelligence system that enables large or small hotel companies to dynamically analyze their data with drag and click simplicity. PVNG is Aptech’s browser-based enterprise back-office system. Targetvue is a hospitality-driven budgeting and forecasting solution. 

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