TPG Hotels & Resorts standardizes PMS, processes

The Ocean Rose Inn in Narragansett, R.I., and other TPG Hotels & Resorts now will have consistency across its property technology platform, making it easier to manage daily processes. Photo credit: TPG Hotels & Resorts

Operator and developer TPG Hotels & Resorts has selected Infor to standardize property-management systems and provide a single source of data across its independent hotel portfolio. The organization will now have consistency across its property technology platform, making it easier to manage daily processes. TPG Hotels & Resorts will be able to eliminate previously siloed systems and better manage operations throughout reservations, the front desk, housekeeping, concierge, and accounting, unifying roles into a single application.

“Infor will help us modernize our technology stack across our independent hotels, allowing us to put even more focus on the guest experience with the ease of information exchange,” said Sameer Mehra, EVP of revenue strategies, TPG Hotels & Resorts. “Infor has a good library of system interfaces, which gives an edge over other PMS providers when it comes to introducing other technology platforms.”

Infor hospitality management solutions will provide TPG Hotels & Resorts with a more complete solution for managing multiple hotel functions at seven independent properties. Specifically, Infor HMS will facilitate faster day-to-day processes, so teams can spend less time navigating technology and more time concentrating on guests. Infor’s technology designed specifically for hoteliers combines functionality to manage guests, rooms, rates, reservations and distribution, and will provide independent TPG Hotels & Resorts properties with tools for a holistic view of every guest, helping staff deliver more precise levels of service on a more consistent basis.

“Installing Infor HMS gives us the ability to standardize the data and reporting across our independent portfolio, giving us greater insight into the individual hotel performance and the ability to quickly capitalize on opportunities,” said Michael Brown, VP of business intelligence, TPG Hotels & Resorts. “Previously, all of our independent properties were on different platforms, many of which did not talk to any other systems, and weren’t able to provide the data we needed. The ability to have consistent and easily accessible data across the portfolio is a huge advantage.”

Infor HMS can be integrated with additional Infor solutions and hundreds of third-party products to provide a snapshot of guests and business performance. This allows for a faster and more seamless flow of data so decision-makers can make more rapid and more accurate business decisions.