TraknProtect adds hospitality provider integrations

Using TraknProtect's new partnerships, the company is providing an end-to-end solution to the hotel industry to protect employees. Photo credit: TraknProtect

TraknProtect has secured a series of significant integrations with several hospitality technology providers. These partners were chosen in order to strengthen TraknProtect’s platform, as well as to ensure a seamless application of its location-based services throughout partner hotels. 

Using TraknProtect's new partnerships with Ruckus Networks, Aruba and Virtual Management Presence, the company is providing an end-to-end solution to the hotel industry to protect employees and monitor assets in real time, all using a hotel's existing infrastructure.
Through its partnership with Ruckus Networks, TraknProtect's safety buttons can communicate to the associated cloud service via Internet of Things-enabled Ruckus H510 access points deployed throughout a property. The Ruckus IoT Suite then can manage TracknProtect device onboarding and security and protocol translation while acting as a gateway to the TraknProtect cloud application and dashboard.
Obtaining accurate intelligence about the nature of any threat has become integral to ensuring hotel safety, and as a result, TraknProtect is partnering with Virtual Management Presence, a cloud-based surveillance company that provides a unique methodology for preventing injuries, threats to personal security and damages, or potential losses before they occur.
TraknProtect also chose to partner with Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, to harness the benefits of a converged solution. By leveraging Aruba's IoT Wireless infrastructure, hotel customers can realize the benefits of easier installations, simplified management and support and reduced capital expenses.