TraknProtect secures funding to boost app potential


TraknProtect, the inventory tracker and analytics provider app for hotels, has become part of the Travel Startups Incubator, securing funding and services.

This app already has work with Hyatt Hotels and plans to introduce its services to up to 10 different Hyatt properties in the next three months. Available on both iOS and Android, this is the only inventory tracker that caters for the hotels. Businesses are provided with detailed analytics and reports based on information gathered by the app to make better inventory decisions.

TraknProtect helps hotels like Hyatt improve staff efficiencies by making it easier to track inventory in real time. TraknProtect tags all items owned by the hotel with bluetooth beacons. Strategically placed bluetooth and wifi hubs then inform hotel employees where these items are, via the TraknProtect app, so they can go directly to that location. At the Hyatt McCormick Place hotel in Chicago, TraknProtect increased employee efficiency by 91 percent when it came to delivering guest requested items.

Travel Startups Incubator has invested cash and services into TraknProtect. The veteran team of travel entrepreneurs, startup advisors and mentors to guide businesses as they grow. TraknProtect will use this investment to lower the barrier of entry for different hotel chains to test and adopt their technology.

“TraknProtect offers an innovative service that sets them apart in the travel and hospitality sector,” said Matt Zito, founder of Travel Startups Incubator. “Where others have focused solely on customer traffic, TraknProtect tracks a business’ inventory and provides big data analysis to create reports that help make better business decisions.”