Two Roads Hospitality selects Inntopia for new CRM platform

The Cliff House in Maine is one of the hotels Inntopia’s marketing cloud platform, including a central CRM database and marketing insight platform. Photo credit: Two Roads Hospitality (Two Roads Hospitality selects Inntopia for new CRM platform )

Two Roads Hospitality has contracted with Inntopia for a custom CRM database, marketing automation, and guest recognition platform to be installed across most of its North American properties, including Thompson Hotels, Destination Hotels, and Joie de Vivre Hotels, in 2018.
“We chose Inntopia for three reasons,” Two Roads Hospitality CMO Sherri Gilligan said in a statement. “First, their technology is better than anything else out there in hospitality CRM. Second, their company culture is very similar to ours, and we know that our people will work well with theirs. Third, they were willing to collaborate with us to build and support a platform that not only allows us to optimize our marketing, but also gives us a way to really get to know our guests and utilize data to provide them with a more personalized on-property experience.”
Inntopia’s marketing cloud platform consists of a central CRM database and marketing insight platform, robust hygiene and integration tools, as well as a two-way connection to IBM’s enterprise-class Watson email marketing platform. Inntopia Marketing Cloud connects to each hotel’s property management system. It uses this data to build an intelligent and powerful central customer database.
Each hotel’s marketing department then uses that database to identify trends among different market segments, see guests’ lifetime preferences and spending behaviors on-property and across the Two Roads portfolio, recognize VIPs, and build highly targeted segments that can be reached via email, text message, and other marketing channels. The Watson artificial intelligence and machine learning assists in automation and allows for much deeper customer understanding.
Guest data is synchronized automatically between the hotel’s property management system, the Inntopia database, and the IBM Watson email platform, which allows marketers to build sophisticated, automated campaigns that are more likely to convert past guests into future guests.
In conjunction with the partnership, Inntopia is releasing a new feature that will allow front desk staff to click a button within the reservations interface to pop up a window with useful information about the guest from the Inntopia CRM database. This feature will allow valuable insights previously available only to the marketing team to be used in real time by front line employees to deliver personalized service and enhance the guest experience.
Two Roads plans to add interfaces between marketing cloud and other operational systems, such as SpaSoft, after the initial rollout is complete.