U.K. mobile market outpacing U.S.

British consumers are 11 percent more likely to access travel content on their smartphones than their United States counterparts, according to a new study from Expedia Media Solutions.

The study, conducted by comScore, also found that 30 percent of Internet traffic is conducted on mobile devises in the United Kingdom, while 22 percent of traffic is similarly conducted in the U.S. The continued potential in the U.S. for mobile obviously dwarfs the potential across the Atlantic, but the report encourages brands to up their mobile game in Britain to take advantage of this consumer enthusiasm, reports Luxury Daily.

Mobile access is growing rapidly in the U.K. as 57 percent of the population owns a smartphone, while smartphone ownership stands at 51 percent in the U.S., according to Biz Report. In the U.K., online travel content reaches 69 percent of mobile devices, which is 11 percent higher than in the U.S.

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Using insights from MMX Multi-Platform, the study found that two-thirds of UK Travel category visitors accessed content via mobile devices during January, with ground/cruise (66 percent), Online travel agents (53 percent), and hotels/resorts (53 percent) leading among subcategories.

One in four U.K. travelers reported booking at least one component of their most recent trip on mobile and the incremental opportunity to reach mobile bookers is high, with 23 percent of all smartphone owners and 45 percent of all tablet owners likely to book travel using a mobile device within the next year. The study also declares that those booking on mobile have the potential to become repeat customers, with seventy percent of smartphone bookers and 90 percent of tablet bookers willing to do so again in the next year.

The study also highlights consumption and booking patterns across platforms, purchasing profiles, content types and device usage peaks of the tech-savvy U.K. mobile travel audience. Both phone and tablet usage for travel site visitation peaks at night between 8 p.m. and Midnight, while PC travel visitation peaks in the late afternoon between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

U.K. consumers booking hotels are more likely to conduct research on a mobile device, and are more likely to start this research without having decided on a destination. While travel app usage is roughly one-quarter that of mobile browser usage, it grew by 127 percent year-over-year, whereas mobile sites grew by just seven percent.