UniFocus LMS introduces new mobile app

New features allow for faster, more flexible scheduling and attendance tracking/compliance from any location. (UniFocus LMS introduces new mobile app)

UniFocus introduces the next generation of its mobile app. Mobile 2.0 amplifies the benefits of the original mobile version: It streamlines employee-manager communications, empowers employees to manage their schedules from anywhere at any time, enables managers to stay on the floor and focused on customers with real-time alerts, and simplifies approval processes.

This new version harnesses the functionality of UniFocus LMS and time and attendance for managers and employees on the go, while adding an array of new features for faster, more flexible scheduling and attendance tracking/compliance from any location.

Key new features include:

  • Improved scheduling. Two new grid-view calendars, my schedule and peer schedules, enable employees to view and drop scheduled shifts and see who else is scheduled for a particular job. From the open shifts screen, they can change job selections and request to pick up or drop a shift.
  • Urgent shift requests. Managers can still blast urgent pickup requests to employees to fill understaffed shifts but now with an easier selection format.
  • Upfront employee alerts. The employee alerts screen now appears automatically upon sign-in on the manager’s home screen, providing an instant view of which employees are approaching break, late to clock in or out, in but not scheduled, calling in tardy or absent, clocked in, or coming in soon. Managers can clock out employees, transfer jobs, view projected and completed hours, and can contact the employee directly via email, text, message or phone.
  • More time-off request options. Users can now view, edit and cancel time-off requests from the details screen. Managers can swipe left to quickly approve or deny a request, view an employee’s available paid time off, and approve or deny with comments.
  • availability changes. Employees can now make changes to availability with management now being able to authorize using a mobile device.
  • Better message management. A new messages screen enables users to easily view and manage messages from supervisors and colleagues, including a swipe feature to mark messages as read/unread and a floating “compose” button.
  • Easier navigation. The main menu can now be accessed from any page via the hamburger menu icon for easy navigation to other screens. 

UniFocus’ Mobile 2.0 will be available at app stores for iOS and Android operating systems, and accessed via web browser.