Unifocus upgrades employee pulse survey capabilities

Workforce management system UniFocus has launched upgrades to its employee pulse survey capabilities, helping hoteliers better interpret employee engagement. Sidestepping annual employee surveys, the new staff engagement abilities help hoteliers continually gauge their operating environment to improve productivity, performance and guest satisfaction while minimizing turnover rates and absenteeism.

UniFocus’s newest staff pulse survey capabilities offer real-time and detailed insight into how staff members believe operations should evolve to create a more positive, effective and successful work environment. With the issues brought on with the labor shortage, immediate feedback from employees is a critical part of retention. In an industry with high turnover rates and changing standards, the employee pulse should be an ongoing measure rather than a one-time check, according to the company.

Benchmarking performance based on historical survey data helps property management track progress and implement appropriate response strategies within days instead of months. Managers receive employee feedback by distributing surveys through by email, SMS text or survey codes and by offering surveys in their language of choice while ensuring employee anonymity.

UniFocus developed all facets of the surveys—question design, engagement measures and templates—through in-house support and through collaboration with survey experts. Operators will not need to come up with questions or learn survey theory; they can simply ask their employees how they’re doing. Users get all the benefits of self-administration (customization, frequency, urgency) without the extra administrative work.

“The labor shortage is only going to get worse for operators who aren’t focused on employee engagement and retention. We know how impactful employee engagement is on every measure of success, from guest satisfaction to profitability, so we want our tools to meet the immediacy and diversity of the current environment’s needs,” said UniFocus CEO Mark Heymann. “Until now, hospitality professionals have lacked the tools to consistently understand what is most important to frontline employees. And even then, those insights took months to turn to action. Spot checks are also an important way to see how departments or locations are impacted by changes in personnel. We are excited to equip operators with easy-to-use tools to get ongoing and consistent feedback in a timely fashion so they can actually make a difference that they can measure today.”    

UniFocus employee pulse surveys are a few user clicks from start to implementation, tailored to specific department operations or business goals. Hoteliers can also customize survey result dates for greater flexibility in benchmarking the effectiveness of improvement processes.