Uniguest and AAHOA partner to offer guest-facing solutions

Uniguest and AAHOA

The Asian American Hotel Owners Association has partnered with Uniguest to offer guest-facing kiosk solutions to AAHOA’s membership base. In conjunction with the partnership, Uniguest and AAHOA launched Uniguest Essentials, a secure guest kiosk solution designed to meet the needs of AAHOA member hotel owners and their guests. AAHOA is the world’s largest hotel owners association, with 15,000+ small business owner-members, representing more than 40 percent of all hotels in the United States.
Developed with the support of AAHOA leadership, Uniguest Essentials is a fully managed guest-use lobby solution that provides guests with secure, quick and reliable access to the internet, with security features that protect guests and hoteliers.

Uniguest Essentials comes standard with content filtering to block inappropriate sites from public view, real-time protection against viruses, spyware and malware, locked down operating system to prevent unauthorized access to system settings, and session-based security that completely deletes all personal files and information at the conclusion of every guest-use session.


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