Uniphore launches auMina QSense

The auMina QSense tool improves on-the-job coaching and training at scale to improve customer experiences through actionable insights. Photo credit: Uniphore

Conversational artificial intelligence technology company Uniphore launched auMina QSense, a smart quality-management tool for business analysts, quality analysts and contact center agents that helps current performance-management processes.
The new auMina QSense solution expands Uniphore’s conversational analytics portfolio to meet the needs and expectations of customers. AI-driven conversational analytics enable auMina QSense to drive smarter call sampling for accurate quality audits, reducing time for analysis through manual interventions, allowing companies who require a more sophisticated solution to enhance customer interactions and make customer service a source of competitive advantage.

Specifically, auMina QSense improves on-the-job coaching and training at scale to improve customer experiences through actionable insights. By providing real-time feedback and access to assessment sheets, feedback logs and performance-tracking mechanisms, auMina QSense helps agents improve their customer-service skills continuously. This ensures that agents are always aware of compliance and quality requirements that come with customer-facing roles and responsibilities. 

Further, the solution also includes an interactive dashboard to give quality-assurance managers a holistic view of agent performances, including insights about call quality, customer behavior and communication analysis.

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“Conversational AI and analytics are emerging as pivotal technologies to drive holistic people management, performance enhancement and process-optimization programs across the globe,” Uniphore co-founder and CEO Umesh Sachdev said in a statement. “Driven by the need for organizations to raise the bar and deliver great customer experiences in the digital age, auMina QSense will empower companies to drive exceptional service through improved agent performance. Our new solution brings the benefits of automation through conversational AI, modernizing customer service approaches, resulting in workforce enhancement and a significant jump in customer engagement.”