Viceroy Hotel New York partners with Voxer for push-to-talk

Viceroy Hotel New York has chosen Voxer Business to keep employees in contact with each other across the property. With Voxer Business, staff at the luxury resort located in the heart of Manhattan can communicate with each other discreetly using its Wi-Fi-enabled iPod Touch devices to manage day-to-day activities and to efficiently deliver excellent customer service.
“As a luxury hotel, our primary goal  is to provide the highest quality of service, so it’s vital that staff members across departments can communicate in real-time  to efficiently serve our guests,” said Chris Lennon, director of housekeeping, Viceroy New York. “While we wanted instantaneous voice communications for our staff, carrying radios or two-way radios with blaring messages would be disruptive to guests, and staff could easily miss requests. Voxer Business enables us to discreetly contact our staff on their mobile devices, and with both live and recorded messages, no one misses a beat.”
Viceroy Hotel NYC uses Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices like the iPod Touch for its housekeeping staff. With Wi-Fi across the hotel, employees use Voxer Business over the connection for a reliable communications. Voxer also queues all messages, so messages are delivered or sent when the user has a usable connection.

With remote access to all the staff, managers no longer need to run up and down floors, tracking down attendants, exponentially increasing productivity. Since Voxer messages are recorded and can be set so that audio messages don’t automatically play, attendants and managers can be discreet in front of customers.

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